Our aim is to minimise your tax burden through effective commercial or private structuring and by ensuring that your business practices are as beneficial as possible.  We provide detailed planning and advice on complex tax structures and prepare accurate tax returns of all types.

BBR believes in a ‘no surprises’ approach to tax by working with you to ensure you are always aware of your tax position.  If you are or do get behind in your tax obligations, we can help you through this challenging time and be your liaison with the IRD and negotiate on your behalf.

There are a number of different ways to structure your personal or business affairs. This could be to minimise tax or to provide for asset protection. Whatever the case may be, we will ensure that your tax position is at the forefront of any structure proposal.

Tax bills shouldn’t come as a surprise. We work with you to ensure that you are always aware of your tax position and are aware of the due dates. We monitor your tax position on a regular basis so that we are all on the same page.

Whatever your structure we are able to prepare income tax returns of any type accurately. We stay abreast of tax changes as we want you to be able to deduct what you are entitled to and minimise your tax obligation where possible.

Whether you want us to review the returns that you prepare or want us to complete regular returns we can assist you with your ongoing tax returns whether monthly, two monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annual.

We can assist with minimising your tax debt by analysing your tax position to ensure the most effective allocation of tax payments, negotiating with the IRD to remit penalties, implement payment plans or apply for lump sum settlements.

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