Accounting Services

In business, your time should be spent working on developing your business. BBR can lighten the administrative load, which means you are rewarded with more time focusing on the important aspects of your business.  You also receive the benefits of getting timely and accurate management accounting information, which empowers you to make informed business decisions.

Keying supplier invoices can be a job that is mundane at best or perplexing at worst for many business owners.  With the latest accounting and banking software we can do this for you, taking away your concerns about the correct treatment of transactions for GST and income tax. We can set up payments on your behalf if you wish as banks have software to ensure integrity of such arrangements meaning you don’t have the hassle of paying individual suppliers.

Entering data is second nature to us so you can rest assured that the data entered is accurate. As a result, BBR is able to provide you with the highest quality client, job and product profitability reports meaning that management receive valuable information – and as such you will be able to make better decisions.

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